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RDV Avec Un Miracle

Jerusalem 2006. Ten characters. Marine, a friend of Yves and Vera. Nili, who wants to be accepted by friends of Jesse, who wants to be left alone. "David the King" who makes his living by posing with the tourists in the Old City of Jerusalem. David is an acquaintance of the Artist-Who-Draws-It-All. The Artist is a dream come true of Marine´s. Yves, Marine´s best friend and confidant, works as a tour guide by day and by night dreams of finding the Holy Grail. He lost his parents during the war and now believes he had betrayed them.

The night our story takes place, Yves is invited to a party at Vera´s, the sculptor. At the same time, just across the street from the Vera´s studio, Nili, the privileged daughter of an Israeli MP, and granddaughter of a National Hero is desperately trying to be accepted by the group of Anglo-Saxon runaway teenagers, who hang out every night at Zion Square. Rejected and infuriated, Nili goes on a self-destructing spree that same night and ends up in the hands of a soft-spoken "Dean" - a guru of a Jerusalem sect. The "Dean" prepares an express trip to the better world for his "students". As for himself, The Dean is not in a hurry. The bank accounts of his "students" being transferred to his, The Dean thinks he´ll hang out a little bit more in this imperfect world of ours.

The day our story has started is almost over. Late at night, in his study, Rabbi Arie examines an old manuscript "On Acedia". And tomorrow morning, as it has been for years, the Rabbi will be receiving the needy. Among the 10 lucky ones, granted the audience, are Nili, Jesse, Marine, Yves, the Artist, the Dean. Even Leonid Pozner, the infamous Russian mafioso will be there with a very particular wish of his own.

Rabbi Arie is a "Miracle Maker". He will solve all their problems: love, money, health...

Everyone on the list will get his or her wish granted.
Even though the long awaited appointment will never take place.